OptiSystems Corp., in partnership with Aiken Instruments, is an Authorized Nikon Service Station for your Nikon microscope and accessories. This means we are technicians that are factory trained to restore your microscope to original manufactures standard. We specialize in optical equipment only. With 24 years of experience in the field, you will see that the challenges in the lab will be met by a professional, competent service technician. Our goal is to ensure that we meet and exceed every expectation our customers have, as we service and repair your Nikon equipment.

Microscope Preventive Maintenance

Disassemble microscope and evaluate mechanical parts-Stage, focus system, field diaphragm etc.

Clean all exterior surfaces

Clean and check optical systems-make sure eyepieces, objectives (correction collars), and heads are functioning properly

Clean and lubricate mechanics-X and Y motion on stage, stage clip, focus system, field diaphragm

Check and align complete illumination system-Koehler illumination, check illumination wiring

Re-align microscope to minor collimation-check each objective with a slide and adjust eyepieces to factory specifications and parfocality

Generate a record and identifying the instrument services by the serial number

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