Lumencor – Sola Light Engine

Power and Control, 21st Century Illumination for 21st Century Microscopy

Lumencor’s SOLA light engines offer access to modern solid state illumination, with all its performance and efficiency benefits, at a price comparable to most metal halide light sources. With reliability and maintenance-free service built in, they provide sustainable and cost-effective replacements for traditional mercury-containing arc lamps. The SOLA SM model is designed to operate via simple manual on/off control or with the aid of a foot pedal. SOLA SE light engines provide all the features and benefits of SOLA SM models with added capabilities for electronic control of both light output on/off status and intensity. The new SOLA SE FISH light engines provide assay specific lighting for fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH), with red shifted spectral outputs resulting in optimal matching to the excitation spectra of widely used nucleic acid hybridization probes.

SOLA Light Engines deliver more than enough output power for even the most demanding microscopy applications. Expect several watts of visible light output pumped through the liquid light guide coupling to your microscope. Integration of SOLA light engines with existing filter cubes and hardware configurations is straightforward. SOLA’s white light output falls almost entirely within the VISIBLE spectrum; no deeper UV or IR or extraneous heat is produced. With no bulb consumables to purchase and install, coupled to energy efficient operation, the initial investment in a SOLA Light Engine can be recouped in saved lamp operating costs savings within a few years.

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